Rafal Michalak is a fine art award-winning photographer based in Wroclaw, Poland. His commercial work specializes in business portraits, events and fashion photography.
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The main topic of the photographic series called AUTOGRESSION is the issues focusing on a transgressive human in a psychological, sociological and cultural dimension. The concept of transgression, especially in the version presented in the scientific works of a polish psychologist, prof. Jozef Kozielecki, was compared to the studies on visible and hidden autoaggression done by a German researcher, psychiatrist and psychotherapist – Annegret Eckhardt.

AUTOGRESSION [from two words auto – self and transgression] is a series of photographs made during body suspension and self harm sessions. It has a performative and experimental character. The author examines the psychological and emotional aspects of human being as an individual searching for his own identity, especially when confronting with strong pain and emotional strain alongside. The most fascinating topic for the author is psychotransgression, i.e. a perennial tendency for expansion endeavours to transgress the bound of one’s own abilities, overcoming the limits or the need for breaking tenacious social schemas.


December 2016 – Honorable Mention Award in the category a PEOPLE: PORTRAIT, ND AWARDS 2016