Heat Wave
Rafal Michalak is a fine art award-winning photographer based in Wroclaw, Poland. His commercial work specializes in business portraits, events and fashion photography.
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Heat Wave

One can waste their soul on drinking,
all that to think not of things that may not be
– Magdalena Bielecka

The Heat Wave
is a visual diary recording spontaneous events that took place in August and September 2014. But it was an emotional relationship between the photographer and the authoress of the poem, that became an immediate inspiration for this project.

The essence of this series of photography is balancing at the edge of the real and the unreal. Where fiction entwines with reality, roles get often interchanged and so we perceive as imaginary what is in fact real, whereas dreamt up events we accept as authenticity. But it was not the photographer’s intention to concentrate on this pretended antinomy. He leaves the viewers with freedom of interpretation, rather than providing them with an unequivocal answer to all considerations.

Situations presented in The Heat Wave cannot be indisputably defined as events, that actually took place. But one cannot deny their realism, if only because of the documentary or quasi-documentary nature of the photographs. The excerpt of Magdalena Bielecka’s poem: of things that may not be is a simultaneous denial and doubt, but it is certainly not a declared negation of what is to come.