Rafal Michalak is a fine art award-winning photographer based in Wroclaw, Poland. His commercial work specializes in business portraits, events and fashion photography.
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SHAME is a photographic series of a performative and experimental character. In his works the author explores psychological and emotional aspects of a human being seeking their own identity in the ever-changing world. He is particularly interested in the phenomenon of psychological transgression as the tendency to expand and to cross the boundaries of individual abilities, overcoming barriers and breaking the established social patterns. SHAME as a determinant of social behaviour civilized norms often stands in the way of human activities. Paradoxically, the boundaries of shame are fluid and constantly pushed depending on the current interpretation of values or definitions of culture.


Jan 2017 – Honorable Mention Award in the category a PEOPLE /Professional, MONOCHROME PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2016 *** Nov 2016 – Honorable Mention Award in the category a FINE ART: CONCEPTUAL, ND AWARDS 2016 *** Honorable Mention Award in the category a PERSON for a picture, 12th Photographic Open Championship, Olsztyn 2016 *** Nov 2015 – 1st prize & Golden Glass Award in the category a PERSON for a picture, 11th Photographic Open Championship, Olsztyn 2015